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Consideration on Types of Openers before Installation

There are different types of garage door openers available in the market varying in terms of prices, features, usage and other factors. It can be really confusing in choosing the right model if you do not know the basic mechanism and difference between these models.

Different Kinds

Depending upon the type of functioning and mechanism, the openers can be categorized mainly in three types-

Belt Drive: These are best suited for luxurious homes where the garage is near to the living rooms. They provide high quality and durable performance without any hassles. The specialty of the belt drive openers lies in the minimal noise during opening and closing functions. The durable belts are available in steel-reinforced rubber, fiberglass, and polyurethane materials.

Chain Drive: These are ancient models usually very noisy. However, they are ideal choices for lifting heavy weight shutters. Being less expensive compared to other types, they are very popular and can be fixed to any type of garage door. Nowadays the advanced chain drive models have become less noisy but they are good choices for homes that are at some distance from the garage.    

Screw Drive: These durable openers are suitable for tilt enhanced single piece doors. They operate with the help of a motorized trolley system that helps in lifting the doors and sliding down instead of using a belt or chain. The installation cost is slightly higher compared to the other two types of door openers. They contain very few parts and easy to maintain for long-term usage.

Note:  The Screw Drive is not suitable for areas that have extreme temperature fluctuations during the seasonal changes. 

Few Questions to Consider Before Installing

Following are some questions customers generally consider or consult about with the installation or replacement service provider before purchasing.

Is the chosen opener model suitable for the concerned garage door?

Is it possible to upgrade the present door opener model?

How reasonable is the upgrade cost?

Are installation and replacement services available in the locality for the chosen door opener model?

Are the maintenance costs affordable? 

Do you want to install them?

It is always necessary to call Garage Door Repair Seattle for garage door opener installation services. You can conduct online research to find a list of installation and replacement service provider online. Before scheduling an appointment for their services, you can contact them for a consultation to know about prices, advices to find the best type of door opener and others.


There are many garage door opener options available online today. If you have not yet found the ideal model, it is better to consult an expert offering installation and maintenance services to save money and time. You can choose any suitable option as per requirement and budget.